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It's probably the final projects putting me in this state of mind, but everything seems to make me angry and irritable this week. A lot of them - well, most of them - have to do with people's reaction to the Church and people's [mis]portrayal of the Church and the faith.

The press hasn't wasted any time in composing hit pieces on Pope Benedict XVI. They hate him, no doubt about it. What surprises me more than their universal condemnation of him is their expectation that somehow the Catholic Church - the Catholic Church - is going to suddenly drop everything and cater to the demands of a bunch of spoiled, self-obsessed Americans and Europeans who don't like being told that some of the things they choose to do are, in fact, wrong, and no amount of shrill lobbying and humanocentric kulturkampf are going to change that.

I just typed, deleted, retyped, re-deleted, and decided to omit a great deal of words in this post because I got pretty ugly. So let me say instead that I'm just very angry right now, when I should probably instead feel sad.

Let me sum up my current feelings, on a range of related topics: Truth is not determined by public opinion, popularity, or numbers of attendees; it just exists, waiting to be discovered, and you aren't required to like it. If you think that the Jesus Seminar, John Spong, and Dan Brown are the most significant theologians of the 20th century, you have greater issues to grapple with than the Church's position on birth control. The television show "Revelations" is yet another grand opportunity to say something meaningful about Jesus Christ, to provide sound theology and relevant apologetic answers to people who might not otherwise hear them in an entertaining story context, squandered and lost for the sake of the same tired old mystical mumbo-jumbo non-answers and misrepresentation of any recognizable orthodox doctrine. The worst part about it is that media reviewers think it's some kind of concession to Christians that the entertainment industry is making. So now we get to go through the agonizingly slow process of waiting for Hollywood to realize that not only do we want them to stop ignoring or belittling us, we would also appreciate our beliefs to be accurately represented. What made "The Passion of the Christ" so successful was not that it was "Christian-themed," but that it accurately depicted the central event of Christianity.

I know I'm getting worked up over something that really just boils down to what producers think will net profits. It has about as much to do with Hollywood Powers That Be discovering the truth as the success of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy had to do with people liking sword-and-sorcery movies.

Oh, just forget I brought up the entire thing. I'm just cranky because my homework isn't done yet, and I needed to vent somewhere.

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