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The exciting resolution to the parking situation is that I had to take the lesser of two illegalities. At the urging of my wife, I chose to park directly in front of my apartment complex - which is strictly two-hour parking only, according to the signs - rather than go across the street and park in MCAD's underground lot. The result? Nothing. I got a really good parking space, and there have been no signs of tickets, tow trucks, or anything else. And all I had to do was scoff at the law.

As long as I'm here, I want to mention something that's been bugging me. The radio announcer on MPR/NPR who introduces the BBC says something which annoys me every time I hear it: "...We bring the world to your door - literally!"

No, you don't. If you did, I would become very cross, because we don't have nearly enough room in our apartment for everyone in the entire world, and even if we did, we didn't prepare snacks or anything! So get out of my home, World!

MPR might find it easier to impress people with their aura of education and superiority over other radio stations if they would use a dictionary before launching into sentences haphazardly like that.

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