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I love the weekends. Despite the fact that I have to spend them doing homework - like I'm avoiding doing at the moment as I enjoy a sandwich - I get to do so in the comfortable quiet of my apartment, with the blinds open on a beautiful clear day. It still feels like a break from school and work. I mean, that's exactly what it is, a break from school and work, but what I mean is that it really feels like it. During the week, I constantly feel rushed, and don't really feel as though I have time to focus on any one thing for very long.

Still, that's a couple of weeks down, and every week is one week closer to the end of this semester. I know I have a long way to go, but I hope that my assignments become more interesting. I'm pretty sick of most of the assignments I'm working on right now. I shouldn't complain, of course - it's better than the alternative of working full-time in a dead-end job. But I'm really looking forward to the fun classes - the ones that directly involve comics-making.

As an aside, Hugh Hewitt addressed the DailyKos article, via a third party; more recent articles on his blog update the testimonies. It doesn't sound as if the defense of the Bush documents is washing.

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