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I do love the summer. I tell you, if you have the means, there is much to be said about attending school, if only because you get a summer vacation. It's like getting a chance to relive part of my childhood, but with all of the perks that adulthood confers (driving privileges, for example).

This weekend, Marilyn and I will be going on our all-church retreat to Camp Lebanon. We're rooming in a cabin with a few other childless couples, so we'll have an excellent opportunity to get to know a few other church members in situations similar to ours. I'm really excited about it, for numerous reasons.

My school friend Peter Wocken has just announced that he's put his website together. He's still got some work to do on it, but he's got some artwork posted now. Check out the illustrations under "Cowboys" - the first three originals are about 5' tall, and the last one on the right is something like 10'-12' tall. The Cowboy illustrations are part of his senior show; he developed an entire setting ("game world" would be the better description, for those gamers among us) for his paintings, and filled a sketchbook with drawings and notes about this sci-fi western setting of his, "Port Oasis." Peter is a groovy fellow: a good friend, a talented illustrator, and a brother in Christ. The semester which just ended was his last, however; he's now faced with the prospect of beginning a career. I'm sure that any prayers you would offer on his behalf would be appreciated.

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