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I decided to up and get with the times, so to speak. Blogs have become much more attractive since I started mine back in Ought-Three, and I was never very happy with the way italics looked on my old template. It just looked uglier and uglier to me, like that old '60s decor that must have seemed so fresh and modern back when it was first built. Links and icons broke, leaving jagged jpeg symbols like cracked and boarded-up windows in a section of downtown that's just gone downhill over the last decade. So I've decided to renovate and start fresh with a new design.

I chose this particular template because it looked right to my eyes. Obviously. The little star in the corner reminds me of the Converse tennis shoes that I've been wearing lately. The panels remind me of comics. The overall look - like the pointless '897' in the title bar - is reminiscent of something that would have been produced at my art school. I like that the date stamp of each of my entries is now entirely lower-case, just like the title of my blog. Finally, I wanted to upgrade to the much cooler Blogger comments, and get rid of that quirky little HaloScan deal.

I have to re-enter all of my old links and windows, but I don't imagine that will require too much work. It feels like spring cleaning, only in preparation for my favorite time of year, the autumn, and the coming new semester.

Good news! My friend Patrick - Mr. DC Comics Artist Guy - has decided that he wants to start a small Bible study group that would meet weekly. I'm really glad that he's brought this up; I've been wanting the same thing ever since we first met, but I didn't want to seem too fanboyish and clingy. He mentioned that there were one or two other people he thought would be interested, and I welcome the opportunity to meet with him and his wife more often. They're cool beans.

Classes begin on the 29th. My vacation, she is soon to be ending!

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Hey sweetie, I like the new look. However, your blind wife (remember she don't see so well no more) has to squint to read the tiny white text on the dark background which leaves horrid little ghosties in her already blurry vision. I'm not saying you should change it, I'm just saying that since it's annoying for me to read...I probably won't.

And no, it's equally irritating to use the text adjustment option in IE because every window I open afterwords has giant-sized text and pages overflow and it's ugly and annoying too.

Anyway, you should be able to copy and paste all your side bar stuff from the old blog to the new.

But go do the dishes first.

10:56 AM

Well, considering that it's a bit difficult for you to read makes me think I might opt for a different template.

Also, the problem you mentioned, in which the sidebar with my links and such shoot down to the bottom of the page, seems to be occurring right now on the computer at work. I'll definitely have to look into that and see if there's a way to fix it...

5:33 PM

I rather like the new template - but I can see how it could be difficult to read. My vision sucks, as well, and I get the chostie phenomonon as well.

You may be able to get into the template and modify the font size - I'm not sure if that would mess with it too much, but it may be worth a shot if you're fond of this particular template.

10:21 AM

Oh- congrats on the new study group. :)

10:22 AM

I like the look of the thing. You other people need glasses. Like me.

The problem of the sidebar images is weird and I think has much more to do with individual computers and displays than with the programming--I find I can correct the problem sometimes just by resizing my browswer. It even changes between computers. On all my machines, your sidebar is right where it belongs. Actually, the sidebar on Marilyn's blog is the one that "shoots to the bottom" on all my computers.


11:15 AM

You need Firefox. It rocks. Its free. It runs on Windows.

This link brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Linux geek.

5:18 PM

Well, Firefox is the browser we use on the computer at home. No problems with my blog here. It's that wacky Internet Explorer everyone else seems to like...

5:43 PM

Hey Devin!

I was trying to mess with my blog "templates" today, and figured out I could increase the font size. I thought I might boost it 200% or so, for the vision-impaired among us. Maybe you can do the same.


12:12 AM

Firefox rocks my world. It's the browser of choice in the Dake/Parker Household of Love. :)

11:09 AM

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