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Inspiration is a wonderful thing, when it comes. This morning Marilyn and I made a brief joke about something and within thirty minutes, it had turned into a full-blown story in my mind. When I got home from taking Marilyn to work, I pulled a number of my reference books off of the shelf (mainly roleplaying games, which is the other big reason why I collect them) and started looking up historical information so that I could place the story idea into a possible historical context. To my surprise, the first few paragraphs I looked at fit the bill for my story perfectly, and I had a year in which to set it. More ideas sprang from the information I read about that brief time period. I was barely able to keep up with the ideas as they came to mind, and I had to do a doodle of the protagonist while she was still fresh in my mind. Now I have a page of notes, a rough outline, a character sketch, and plenty of source material. If only actually creating the comic were as easy as this brainstorming part.

Praise God! I love it when this happens...

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I've heard of this sort of thing happening. Maybe one day I'll experience it for myself...

Keep it up, man.

3:19 PM

I love the fact that your reference library consists of old role-playing books. They are wealth of information. My love for history and other cultures began with such books. They were far more interesting than the grade school books that competed with them at that time. I am glad for your rush of inspiration. It is a tremendous feeling that I have also enjoyed at times. Although mine usually consist of mechanical designs.

3:42 PM

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