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Don't have much to say. My classes are great, and I love them all...except for Observation Drawing. That's not the teacher's fault, though; she's nice enough, and I appreciate that she's a hands-on instructor who doesn't balk at just drawing on your sketch. This might bug some people, but if I may speak so unilaterally, they need to adjust to the idea that what they're working on is not going to be hanging in a museum - it's part of their instruction. Frankly, there's only so much technical jargon about drawing that my mind can handle, and most of it just goes through one ear and out the other. I prefer someone who can show me what they mean.

I love my comics classes. I've had much more opportunity to work on my Rome comic in my Comic Book Publishing class. We started figuring out cover designs and thinking about what types of paper we'd like to print on. Pursuant to the project, I've been pushed to finalize my script and begin laying out the individual pages, which is something I've been more or less putting off all summer. It's nice to be making visible progress on it.

I've also been developing the protagonists of the story in my Writing Workshop class. We've been asked to flesh out a couple of characters, going through the whole Twenty Questions deal (in this case, Fifty Questions) to figure out everything about them. Anyone who's been in our gaming circle for enough time is familiar with this process, so it's lots of fun and comes fairly easily to me.

Since school began, it's been a bit more difficult to meet with Patrick. For a few weeks before this semester began, we had been meeting about once a week to talk about artwork and just generally hang out. I think I've just about adjusted to my new schedule, so hopefully I'll be able to begin meeting with him again. The old D&D group has been clamoring to start gaming again, too, though finding a day when we're all free to do it has been difficult. Hopefully that will all come together pretty soon.

Patrick has been a great friend to make. He's invited me to come over and work on comics stuff whenever I felt like it, which is super-cool. At least I know he won't stand me up, like that Sam Hiti fellow...

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