Green Lantern Corps #2 Available  

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The second issue of Green Lantern Corps just came out the other day, and should be on comic book store shelves this weekend. There's more of my work in this issue than the last; here's what I contributed:

(bear in mind that there is no page numbering visible, so I'm counting the pages, including ads)

Page 28: Rough pencils on the first panel.

Page 36: First panel (as I said, the spaceships are entirely mine, and everything else is largely unchanged from what I drew), second panel. Last panel (most of my stuff got redrawn here, but the alien in the left corner is unchanged from what I drew, except the tongue I drew is missing).

Page 38: Panels 1, 2, and 3 are almost entirely mine.

Page 40: I drew the people in the upper left corner and the casket.

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When I visited the old "Comics + Comics" in San Bernardino a few weeks back, I checked for the wrong comic. I didn't realize it was the Green Lantern Corp you'd worked on, and not the original Green Lantern.

Darnit. They had The Green Lantern Corp.

Next time I get out there, I'll be sure to pick up the right comic.

You recently mentioned having picked up the first book in the Elrich saga. I noticed there was an Elrich mini-series at the comic store, too, published by DC, and done by a guy named Walt Simonson, who was a favorite of some of us (Ramon, Brian, Chris, and I) growing up.

I'm curious to hear what you think of the Elrich book, when you get around to reading it. The first wasn't my favorite in the series, but was a definate must-read to understand the others. My favorite in the series was The Vanishing Tower which, oddly enough, recieved the lowest rating at the customer reviews on Amazon.


7:08 PM


So Dan liked something that was different than what most other people out there liked?

No way.

1:36 PM

Yes, it is the Corps's book, not GL's own book. Brand new series, dealing with all of the other Green Lanterns in the galaxy.

I skimmed the new Elric comic - Pat gets a copy of everything that DC, Vertigo, and Wildstorm prints - and thought it looked pretty neat. He's still got it, so I haven't been able to actually read it...but I guess that's okay; I suppose I should read the actual novel first. I thought Simonson's artwork was pretty cool, though - those airships were awesome.

6:26 PM

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