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I guess it has been a while since I've posted anything. There's just not a whole lot to report. I've got a number of long-term, big school projects that are making me a little nutty, I'm not sleeping well, and I'm a little appalled at how quickly the semester is passing by. On the plus side, it means that Spring is just around the corner; yesterday the temperatures were above freezing and some of the snow started to melt. There were actual puddles on the sidewalk. I nearly changed into my shorts.

Let's see, what else? Oh, I know - how come everybody I want to hang out with has to live so freakin' far away from me? Even Pat skeedaddled out of town after I finished my internship with him. What gives? Do I really smell that bad? Okay, yes, I'm the one who moved to Dingleberry, Minnesota, but the isolation is starting to get a bit old. What troubles me further is that, no matter what happens from here on out, I'm not going to be able to be near all the people I want to be. If I go back to California, I'll only ever see Pat if we go to the same convention, and my brother and his fiancee will be on the other side of the country. If Slusser is successful in conning Marilyn into moving to the Pacific Northwest, I'll be far away from Dan and all of the Campaign people, not to mention my family...which is going to happen, anyway, since my parents are probably going to move to Arizona after they retire. I know that this life is basically a journey, a temporary state until Christ returns and/or I die, but this is really bugging me today.

In other news, for the sake of entertaining Pat, I found another pointless Quizilla test whose results pleased me. There's a male and female version of the test, so I'll link to the page that gives you a choice. I apologize for any potty language.

Edit: I just fiddled around with the tests (apparently I'm also "Alice" from the "Resident Evil" movies - I was curious, okay?) and discovered that there's a lot of potty language. Caveat emptor or something.

By the way, if anyone knows of a place I could stay in San Diego for a few days this summer that wouldn't be too far from the Convention Center, that would be really very helpful.

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Man--I got Nada, from They Live. A fun movie, but a really dull hero.

I'd much rather be Ash. I envy you, Coyote.

And once you're ensconced with Smedley and I up in the Pacific Northwest, you won't want any other friends. Why, you'll barely remember your old life--we'll make sure of that.

On the more serious note, yes, it is sad to be so separated from family and friends; we all seem to drift apart. That's part of why I'm all for forming a community that sticks together. And as you said, at the other end of this journey comes the new story, in which there are no sad partings, only new possibilities...

12:10 PM

I got Alice too. Then I got Seth Gecko which was apparently the character Clooney played in From Dusk till Dawn. *shrug* Don't know what it means but anything Clooney can't be good.

12:57 PM

My results?

"That Queen Bitcch never should have messed with one of your brood. You're ...RIPLEY. You're one of the original cinema hardcases with a soft side. Even though you sometimes feel alienated, you'll never leave a person behind."

Rock on!

3:51 PM

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