Do The Time Warp  

Posted by Devin Parker

I've been wanting to create more work to put on my DeviantArt page. Since that's where I keep my portfolio (it's on my business cards, no less), I figured I'd best try to keep it current. It certainly doesn't hurt to keep the drawing hand fit, and I need all the practice using my Wacom tablet that I can.

I noticed that a lot of people will create "memes" for others to do. These are basically just excuses to draw a bunch of random stuff, usually with a good sense of humor about it. This is one that one of the people I watch on DA, thundercake, sent out a little while ago...

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This made me laugh out loud. I wish Marilyn had been here in '88...she would have had SUCH a crush!

You're a good egg, Dev :)

And I want one of these of me and Michael and for Christmas ;)

9:43 AM

That is all kinds of awesome. I knew that guy! Well done, sir.

And in response to Kathie, I'm terrified of what one of these of myself would look like. Oy.

10:03 AM

BWHAHAHA! That's adorable. :) You should do the whole family. ;)

12:46 PM

Very tempting. I could almost do one of Michael from memory (and he wouldn't look too dissimilar from me - we both had that trenchcoat and dockers thing going), but I might need a little more of a memory boost from you, Kathie. Any incriminating photos you can share with me as reference? ;)

4:56 PM

Very impressive. Loved it.

8:28 PM

That is awesome! I may make myself a liar by saying this, but I'm gonna do one!

8:40 PM

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