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I've been doing a lot of reading on political material. As you might imagine, there's quite a lot to sift through. In my searching, I've happened across two helpful nonpartisan websites devoted to helping voters discern the truth in both party campaigns: and They've provided me with information clarifying the deceptive claims and exaggerations of both the Kerry and the Bush campaigns, as well as poking quite a few holes in Michael Moore's agitprop.

That helps.

While technically an Independent, I'm still in the Bush camp. I do wish they wouldn't be so deceptive. I really don't think they need to be, especially considering the fact that the Democrat leadership keeps shooting itself in the proverbial foot. If nothing else, I know that Bush has pushed for Good Things - such as equal opportunities for religious-based charities, banning embryonic stem cell research, and supporting the Constitutional amendment on marriage - while Kerry has declared himself opposed to these moves. Sometimes I'm troubled that Bush seems to be using his faith to justify certain actions, but I would much rather have a President who claims to be a Christian and then acts on it than someone who claims to be a Christian but "doesn't allow it to affect his public decision making" - i.e. a hypocrite.

Furthermore, every time I begin to question our involvement in Iraq, I read some of the Iraqi blogs that have appeared on the Internet. I'm still struggling with a theological question that has been troubling me for years - is there ever a time at which violence is justified? Is there such a thing as a just war, or would Christ denounce all violence of any kind? Is there a different rule for governments than there is for individuals? Nonetheless, at this point in time, I'm still convinced that our nation's actions in Iraq have been for the greater good.

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