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I just realized that the posting about an Age of Empires jamboree was still going on in the comments a few posts ago. So I'm bringing this up to the top, where we can continue the planning, if you guys would like. Make sure to read my last post on the old comments, though.

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In case you're looking for the expansion, Wal-Mart and Target generally sell it for about $10.

But, of course, we don't need it. I'll be all confused when I'm unable to set the mill to automatically reseed the farms, but I'll live.

And if I can add another vote, I love to play the Black Forest maps on the "Huge" setting, probably because I'm such a defensive coward that I like to have a lot of protection and only have to guard a few openings. I also suck at naval warfare. But that's just me.

12:26 PM

My usual tactic in naval warfare is "build a huge fleet of ships and then send all but one or two to attack their coastline/port until my fleet is decimated. Repeat."

I think I feel similarly about the Black Forest, because I'm a wall-building addict who likes to hide out until I'm absolutely ready to attempt a siege.

3:32 PM

So are we all agreed on the date? What would be a good time to start?

4:57 PM

That Saturday at any time works fine for me.

Devin can be the Tuetons. I'd like to try the Byzantines.

I tried installing the game and playing a random map the other day. I forgot how tough it was. Even against one opponent, I got beat. There's just a lot to micro-manage, but It'll come back to me. The one thing about this game: If you can get up walls, you pretty much got a good chance of winning, even if it takes a while. The computer opponents just seem to congregate outside walls for quite a while.

So a board like Black Forest would probably make our lives a lot easier. Very easy to protect yourself with walls on that one.

8:46 PM

What I will need to know is whether or not I'm going to have to work at the bookstore on that Saturday. My new manager hasn't scheduled that far ahead yet (they usually schedule for the next two weeks). If I do have to work, I wouldn't be available to play until about 7 or 7:30 PM my time. Otherwise, any time is good for me; I just ask you to bear in mind that I'm two hours ahead of you, so I'd prefer not to try to pull any extreme late-night sessions.

8:12 AM

"I'd prefer not to try to pull any extreme late-night sessions"

I bet no one ever thought there would come a day when Devin would utter such words.

As the wife, I can't express how it warms my heart to read it.

10:22 AM

Would later be better for Mike and the Kiddos?

6:03 PM

Yeah. Therein lies the dilemma. Earlier is better for Devin (his 7pm being our 5pm), while later is better for me. I'm not certain if all four of us could get together at the same time without Devin pulling an all-nighter, unless I secure special permission from the wife to bail out on her and three kids for several hours.

Yes, I am the whipping boy. But a conscientious one. On the plus side, at least my wife doesn't go online to gloat about how whipped I am...

1:23 AM

How about Friday (28th) night? Maybe Mike and Devin can make a deal for an all-nighter and use Saturday morning to recover.

Is it the case that only Mike, Dan, and I have the expansion? I would prefer to play that if possible. Also both games have patches that we need to download before playing.


6:06 PM

My family has plans for that Friday night, so I wouldn't be able to play then.

I agree with you, Ben. It'd be nice to be able to play with the expansion. Some of the gameplay improvements make the game easier to manage. Others are just fun. Like Mike said earlier, though, if you don't manage to get it before then Devin, we'll survive.

11:23 AM

Well, I've been informed by my wife that I will indeed have the expansion. Our third anniversary is on Wednesday.

I think Friday would work just fine with me. I can get out of my normal D&D game at the school and stay up late with you guys, instead.

12:30 PM

Oops - I just noticed Dan's comments.

I can stay up late on Saturday. It's not an impossibility, it was just a preference. But I can do it if you guys are only available on Saturday. I'd really prefer to play with everyone present.

12:31 PM

Ok. Sounds like Saturday night is the time. Thanks for staying up Devin.

1:25 PM

Aw--happy anniversary two days early!

You kids and your three-year anniversaries. Ah, to be so young and naive! From the vantage of the sixth anniversary, I look back on the simply, halcyon days of the third and chuckle.

When are the kids showing up, huh? Ben, you too. Dan and I are holding up our end in the bargain to people the earth--where's that team spirit, people?

2:07 PM

I never made any bargain to people the earth. What kind of marriage vows did Joanna have to make?

We have two goals to complete before children can be spoken of: 1. pay off all existing nonschool and nonauto related debt (the current deadline for this is Jan. 2007).
2. Devin must be finished with school and be gainfully employed. (Deadline for this is currently Jan.-June 2008 excluding any decision to attend graduate school. If so make that June 2010.)

Before these two things we're not even talking about it.

P.S. If Devin were truly whipped he wouldn't be gaming online at all until his Thanksgiving break at the earliest and then only if his Roman comic was completed.

2:58 PM

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