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Marilyn found a picture of me, apparently from that time when I went back to the Victorian era and became a curmudgeon.

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It was weird--when I first looked at this, I didn't really see you at all.

Now that you've removed your profile picture, it looks exactly like your wicked alternate-reality self.

Odd, that.

And yes, since you are my idol, I do everything you do, even down to making my profile picture the faux-time traveler one from my blog.

What're you gonna do next, huh?

5:08 PM

?BECOME? a curmudgen...too late!

Doh! :)

1:52 AM


11:45 AM

I like to think of this as the "what if Devin had never met me because he was born too early" picture.

He's so guant, his eyes are sunk, he never shaves, and he's always scowling. I bet if he took his shirt off you could count his ribs and then he'd charge you a dime just for looking.

Poor Victorian Devin. Nice hat though.

11:46 AM

Do not feel pity for Victorian Devin! It's clear he's a rich industrialist who works poor waifs in the coal mines until they get Black Lung, at which point he puts them to sweeping the smokestacks on his pollution factories. His ribs are sunken only because he loves to breathe deep the ebony vaporous soot that pours from his soulless industrial empire.

Boo, Victorian Devin!

He makes me feel scared.

12:22 PM

Michael-Ha ha :)

Devin-If you haven't already picked a story for your next comic assignment maybe it could be about "Victorian Devil" I mean "Victorian Devin."

3:10 PM

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