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I've discovered two things that are of interest to me this morning, both to do with Hollywood. First, apparently there are serious plans for a "Star Wars" television series, the sort of thing I dreamt of as a child and regard warily as an adult. I read a brief article summarizing an interview with producer Rick McCallum that, oddly enough, made me feel better about such an idea. This is what he said:

"What we said is why don’t we try and restructure the process of how television is made; let’s set up our own studio, with the same players. They’re not going to be out of work; they’ll make a decent living; there’s no stars, the actors get what the crew gets, the crew gets what the actors get. We try and set up a different system to make a television series that had all the basic look and feel of a feature film.

"What we want to do is take everything we’ve learned from feature films and this new digital pipeline and put it back into television and set a standard for how in four or five years time we can start making feature films for five or ten million dollars instead of the $80, $90, $100 million it takes now."

Sounds good to me. What I ask myself is whether Lucas will finally hire some decent writers to handle such things as dialogue, or whether he will allow ego to triumph over wisdom. Something tells me that no matter how flashy a "Star Wars" show may look, it won't last long if it too closely resembles the new trilogy in terms of dialogue and goofiness. Yet, having said that, Lucas's seductive power is considerable, and people may be drawn to it anyway...

The second thing I discovered is that Thomas Haden Church (Lowell from "Wings") is going to be in "Spider Man 3". Take a look at this picture and see if you can tell who he's going to be playing. [Hint: the shirt is the real giveaway, though only if you're a comic geek.]

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I have no guesses on Church's character in Spiderman - but it's nice to see him doing something again. He was one of my favorite characters on Wings. :)

11:35 AM

I, too, like him. I don't know the Spiderman universe so I don't know who that character is, but it'll be fun to see Church in the movie.

Meanwhile, I can only hope that since the IMDB lists "Dr. Connors" in the character section again, they will quit teasing me and bring in my favorite Spiderman villain. I doubt they'll actually have him using that ray to turn everyone in the world into dinosaurs that I remember so well from teh cartoon, but to have him show up at all would be worth it.

Man. Who wouldn't want to be a dinosaur?

12:49 PM


Marrying a comic book geek has got to be good for something.

1:34 PM

Well done, Beth.

I'm really hoping The Lizard finally makes his appearance, too. I mean, he was practically challenging Peter to a fight in the last movie. Come on, already - stop teasing us, Sam!

Having said that, the last movie ended with the implicit promise of Harry becoming the Hobgoblin. I don't think it would be too easy to fit three supervillains into a two-hour movie and still make it as good a film as the last two.

So perhaps we'll just have to hope for four films...

12:05 AM
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Oh, if you have something to say, just spit it out!

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