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I'm currently trying to find my animation peg bar. That's the little plastic bar that has knobs on it which allow you to keep your pages aligned on top of each other, for tracing purposes. Mine seems to have mysteriously disappeared today, which is especially frustrating because I'm trying to finish my final Intro to Animation project before the weekend. It's due next week, but I need the weekend to finish my Critical Studies comic project, which is also due next week. It's all due next week.

Anyway, the reason I'm posting is to mention that I added two new links to the "Family and Friends" column over there on the right. Pat Gleason started up his own blog, and his wife Emily already has one up for their family, so I just added both. I promised him that you guys were relatively safe. He also expresses his friendship with me in the way I've become accustomed to, largely in thanks to Slusser and Slater: with abuse and shame. So feel free to respond to him in kind. It's the only way he knows how to love.

Also, I think he looks like Greg Grunberg. Don'tcha think?

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I'm trying to think of something to say, but I can't concentrate over my wifes laughter.

But you know, it is interesting. When I try to get together with you to do some real work, You know, to further your career, you say "ohNO,no, too busy.. i have SO much homework." But apperantly you have time to do some photoshop-type playin' around on your 'puter.
Perhaps I need to forward this on to Barb? hmmm? oh wait. on second thought....

3:39 PM

It's better than Photoshop, it's Paint! Why use a power drill when a screwdriver will do the trick? Besides, I'm hoping that somehow this will further my career. I'm not entirely sure how yet, but I'm fairly certain that this is a step on the way.

4:09 PM

Paint? really?
As for furthering your career, it seems you're using mob tactics.
See, you try to wack me, hoping the bosses wil take notice. And badda-bing, you're now a made man.
OR, they see you as disloyal and take you for a drive in the country where they then take that screwdriver you refer to, and bury it up to the handle in the back of your skull.

5:26 PM

Dude - go get the Gimp at least!

Still... wow. They're teaching you some good art stuff there. That diaper looks totally real.

7:39 AM

You can't beat Paint for fast, easy doctoring of photos...

2:10 PM

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