It's Official  

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I've graduated from MCAD. I got a C in my Independent Study - I fell short of my original stated goals, but it's a passing grade.

Now I'm just waiting for my degree to show up...

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Congratulations! Hey, passing is passing, and you're done :) We're looking forward to your party on Saturday!

9:49 PM


Way to go Devin! Wish I could be at the party. Quite an accomplishment for both you and Marilyn to have pulled that off.

10:17 PM


Well done, mate. Well done.

10:46 PM

Whoo-hoo!!!! Congrats to you and lots of hoopla to Marilyn as well. I am so thrilled for you both!

10:15 AM

Congratulations. Enjoy the celebration and accolades, you both earned them.

11:00 AM

Well done dude,
We are proud of you!
I'd love to be able to see you guys this weekend, But instead just know that at random points on that day, and with a tear in my eye, I will proudly gaze westward and give you a mighty thumbs up salute.

So relax (for now) and enjoy it man you earned it!

12:11 AM
Easy E get to work!

Since I'm not overly sentimental I will say this. You will look back at the difficulties of school and wish life were that easy again. Mark my words.


Now, enjoy your time in the ranks of the college graduates. You have earned it.

2:23 PM

It's official!
Devin doesn't blog anymore.


8:07 PM

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