The Hardest Thing In This World Is To Live In It  

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The title of this post comes from a line in the musical episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Once More, With Feeling" (well, actually, it's Dawn quoting Buffy from the previous season's finale episode, "The Gift"). We've been watching the entire series, and we just got to that episode yesterday. Man, they should not allow James Marsters to sing.

I don't know if that line is necessarily true - I imagine being tortured would be a lot harder, though perhaps technically that falls under the umbrella of 'living' - but life since graduation hasn't been all sunshine and strawberries.

I'm still looking for work. Haven't found anything yet, comics-wise or otherwise.

My student loan payments are due beginning this month. I was only allowed to file for a deferment on one of the loans. So my job search is definitely getting an edge of desperation.

I got sick with a sinusy grossness last week. I'm still miserable with it, and now Marilyn's coming down with the same.

I went to the dentist on Tuesday last week. I need to get a chipped tooth mended, and I also need a root canal on a different tooth, if the cavity isn't too deep; otherwise, they're just going to have to pull the tooth altogether. In either case, they're going to have to explore under my gums to find out.

EDIT: Just spoke to the dentist's office: since this is a "poor prognosis tooth", there's a 50-50 chance that Marilyn's insurance won't cover it. This just keeps getting better.

And this morning, a pipe burst on one of the upper floors of our apartment building, so our kitchen and bathroom got a little flooded. No real damage done - I yanked boxes and electric appliances out of the way, set up glasses and pans to catch dripping water from the ceiling, and got our landlord to come down and clean it up pretty quickly, but still. We're not going to be able to use the kitchen light until the replacement arrives. I suspect that there may be an odor of wetness in the apartment now, but since I'm stuffed up I can't really smell anything.

So, you know, not to get all dramatic on you, but prayers would certainly be appreciated.

Oh, and a big, smiley THANK YOU to everyone who came to my graduation party. It was really good to see everyone, and the many gifts that you all surprised me with were much appreciated. Having some gift cards to burn on fun stuff takes some of the edge off of all this!

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Praying from Madrid; and I totally get the hard of living "in it".

But it's the only way we see He is really real--but it's HARD! I was blown away at being reminded yet again while watching "Prince Caspian" that the odds stacked against us have to be crazy out of whack for Him to really get credit.

But it's not very pleasant; or, at least, I am not always good at being pleasant in the midst of it. Wish I were.

Love you both.

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