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Free at last!

I worked yesterday, with a nagging headache all day, so my elation at having finished this semester was muted, but I was still pretty pleased. It's taken a bit of time to sink in - every time I sit down to play around I get a guilty sensation, asking myself, "Isn't there some homework I need to finish?" Realizing that no, there isn't any homework due is a pleasant experience every time.

I made a list at the beginning of last week, detailing the various activities I would engage in once I was finished. I've been a bit slow in getting to them, but then, Marilyn has been sick with the stomach flu (she feels better today) and I've mainly tried to get some cleaning done. It felt great to throw out all of the old cruddy artwork that's been cluttering up my desk. Now there's a smaller pile of artwork I want to keep cluttering up my desk. But it still looks a lot cleaner. It's also amazing what a difference it makes when you clean out all of the dustbunnies that congregate so visibly on a hardwood floor. You might not consciously realize that you see them everywhere, but on some level your mind seems to pick them up. Once they're gone, you feel brand new. Ahhhh.

The first leisurely thing I did was break out the gaming stuff. I've been working on some D20 stuff that I started running for Slusser and Bloomer earlier in the year, and I've been thinking not only of the other games we'd spoken of playing via IM, but of the possibility of playing something with my friend Peter, whose apartment we'd been meeting in for Branches. He's got a small collection of games, many of which he says he only bought for the illustrations (See, RPGnet? Some people *do* buy games because of the artwork!), but he expressed some interest in playing something when we have some free time. Marilyn has made her own list of things we can do over my break (as soon as she gets better), which includes roleplaying. Hurrah!

I've also been thinking about doing some reading (I've been wanting to take down my Red Book of Westmarch edition of Lord of the Rings to read), continuing with my Lone Wolf gamebooks ( - gamery goodness from the Golden Age of Gaming, all online now), and perhaps reading up on HTML programming in anticipation of my Interactive Multi-Linear Narrative class next semester (though, from what I've been told, I may not need that knowledge at all!). I mean to play some PlayStation (perhaps get a bit further in Silent Hill 2...) and some computer games (Baldur's Gate, Empire Earth). Lots of fun.

Now, on the more practical side of things, I need to begin the search for financial aid. I'm going to investigate as many scholarships and the like as I can. I would certainly appreciate any prayers you folks might give for us on this matter.

Marilyn has submitted an application to Northwestern Books for a music coordinator position. She would have to process our newly arriving music, make sure they're put out on the street date (and not before), and generally keep on top of the music department. If she gets the job. Which I'm guessing she probably will. She's still working at Deloitte, but she says she wants to take on a second job, which not only will help out with our funds, but apparently will keep her from sitting at home bored.

I have to say that the idea of being bored at home is completely foreign to me. But what can I say? I guess I just have to take her word for it.

So, I may be in touch with some of you before long, coordinating some of this gamery-tomfoolery. Or just to say hello, since I've been so out of touch recently.


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