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I took a test while eating breakfast. My result:

total geek

That's 29.78304%. Which, in usual terms, means 30%, because you round off the first decimal. See? I know some math stuff. It's enough to qualify me as a "total" geek, but it's still pretty low on the geek cred totem pole. Somehow, I can live with that.

Boring post. Oh, well. I'll probably have more to talk about soon. Like maybe about how Marilyn's new keyboard - sorry, electric piano - arrived in the mail yesterday, and she happily practiced piano after we set it up. It makes me really happy that she has the opportunity to play again.

EDIT: Oh, I did remember something I had wanted to mention. My homework for my Webcomics class has had me surfing the internet for various materials. One of the websites I came across seems like it might be quite useful in my writing... It's called Take a look, but be careful - aside from the warning that it may affect how you watch TV shows, it's also a huge time-sucker...

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Wow—I got a 46%, making me a Super Geek. I can't believe I out-geeked you, Comic Book Guy.

I always think these quizzes are off base, because they lump nerds, geeks, dweebs, and so on together. Very few people will have all the things for which they ask. (Slater may be the only person I know personally who would qualify for many.) It ought to be split up into math/science nerds, roleplaying/sci-fi/comic geeks, and (apparently) band/AV club dweebs, and so on.

I think I get extra points on the test for complaining about it and suggesting an alternate organization for it...

11:35 AM

I rated 33.53057% - Total Geek. Which means that my interest in physics makes me slightly more geekier than my husband but without him it would be the only thing that makes me geeky. ;)

12:55 PM

26.82446%- also a total geek, mostly for the movies/TV I watch and the books I read.

5:24 PM

Too bad I didn't know about Marilyn's score earlier - answering "I married a geek" would have given me an extra point. I pretend that I turned you into a geek, but you were already there. I just heaped some more on top. Perhaps I could get an extra point for pointing out that "more geekier" is an incorrect use of grammar?

And Michael, you're right - I'm positive that your math skills likely gave you an edge over me.

9:51 PM
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9:28 AM

Dude—your wife has a video of a rapping graphic designer on her blog. That was a big red geek flag if I've ever seen one...

9:29 AM

You guys are impressive! I scored a pitiful 4.93097 making me a "poser". I didn't figure I really was a geek, was actually surprised I scored at all! My husband and kids, well, I am sure they will score higher. That was fun, though! Thanks for the quiz, which I will link to my blog just to see how all my relatives rate. My lawyer-shark nephew and his lawyer-shark wife should both qualify, and I am sure several others will score well, too!

3:06 PM

Thanks--The test was highly amusing. I agree with the Super Geek (which might effect my flat "Geek" rating) that the test should be divided into various categories. In the Sci-fi\Roleplaying category I'm sure I would rank much higher. I can name many more than 5 hobbits...

3:08 PM

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